We Can Get Creative with Any Room in Your Home

While our company is best known in the area for our home remodeling and redesign work, we are passionate about all elements of the home. While every room may not be as essential or as exciting to remodel as a kitchen or a master bath, there are many rooms that can provide you with great return on investment from a remodel or upgrade. From laundry rooms, to refinishing your basement, to the addition of stunning custom cabinets, our team works on a wide variety of home interior projects.

Basement Finishing

If your basement is either unfinished or not finished the way you like it, our team will remodel your bathroom to bring it to your full potential. Many homeowners have basement space that goes unused or partially used. This basically decreases the value of your home by limiting the livable square footage you and your family can use. Additionally, it decreases the potential for niche rooms that will add to your enjoyment of your home and specific activities. A finished basement is perfect for a child’s playroom, a niche craft room like an art studio, to work on a side business, or for the all-elusive man cave or woman cave.

In addition to a basement adding value to your current life in your home, basement finishing in Fort Lauderdale provides an easy boost in the resale value of your home. There are many reasons why a refinished basement may instantly appeal to those looking to buy a home. Our team of home interior professionals will work as your partner to finish and design your basement to exactly what you and your family is looking for to meet your unique needs.

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We Provide Endless Options to Upgrade Your Home's Interior

Home Office

The option or need to work from home has skyrocketed in the past few years. Whether you are a full-time remote employee, work partially from home, or have a business or side business that doesn’t require the need for office space, having a home office has become basically essential. Depending on your needs, we will design and create a home office space that is perfect for your work. A home office can also be a multi-function room depending on how it is built and how often you need it. It can be a space the function as a home office with a partition that separates it from a guest room or craft room. We have added and redesigned hundreds of home offices and each has been highly unique to the homeowners’ needs. If you want a new home office or simply want one redesigned, look to the experts to transform your space.

Laundry Rooms

A laundry room is typically not the most exciting space. However, it is essential for any home. While a laundry room used to be a closet-like space with a washer and dryer, there are limitless options to transform the one in your home to a highly functional space offering amenities and additions that make your laundering process much more enjoyable. For example, stackable washer/dryer sets make space for entire folding stations and they can also be added above the on-floor washer/dryer. Custom cabinetry and creative storage solutions can free up space in other areas of your home and allow you to store less-used or seasonal items in the laundry room. We use only the best materials and appliances to build you the laundry room that you never knew you needed.

Treat Yourself to a Sunroom

Florida’s warm, sunny weather makes a sunroom the perfect addition to your home. We can build your sunroom to your exact needs and specifications to make it the room you always wanted but perhaps put aside to other more pressing issues within the home. Many homeowners use a sunroom for a home office, a partial reading nook, or even as a playroom. The sky is the limit on what the room can be used for. It’s also a great addition that allows you to enjoy the warm sunshine and the views of your backyard without too much exposure to the Florida heat. If you have always wanted a room with massive exposure to sunlight that still allowed you to bring in the furniture you want and control the temperature, it may be time to let our team of craftsmen build you a sunroom.

Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry has gone from a luxury to an essential in many homes over the past few years. It transitions any room into a room specifically designed for your storage needs and taste. Many homeowners choose custom cabinets because they are tailored to the exact needs you and your family may have. Another reason they are so popular is because they have unlimited potential to meet your style and design preferences.

While most people think custom cabinetry is traditionally for the kitchen, we can add it in any room. From underneath the bathroom vanity to the laundry room or playroom, adding custom cabinetry can make any room more functional. It also serves as an instant face-lift for any room, giving it a luxurious and handcrafted look. If you’re considering adding custom cabinets for your Fort Lauderdale home, we will style the cabinets to your exact needs. 

If any of these options resonated with you, or if you have your own idea for a new room in your home, contact us today and we will be more than happy to help!